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Standard Edition

1.Investigation description

1.1 Target company type
1.2 Major changes to the target company
1.3 Prompt description

2. Summary

3. Essential information

3.1 Contact information
3.2 Registration information
3.3 Shareholder structure and related enterprises
3.4 Main operator background

4. Analysis of operating conditions

4.1 Main products and services
4.2 On-the-spot investigation of business situation

5. Analysis of financial situation

5.1 Assets and liabilities
5.2 Income situation
5.3 Major financial ratios and analysis

6. Industry and business prospects

7. Banking Matters

7.1 Account Info
7.2 Loan
7.3 External guarantee

8. Public credit record


Appendix:Credit rating and description

Customized Version

We will verify and verify the specific requirements proposed by the customer, and finally give the credit customization report of the customer demands.


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